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Featured Articles/News Clips (Foreign Media)
Daily Mail: Filipinos are turning ash spewed from the Taal into bricks
Should You Avoid These 3 Destinations for the Foreseeable Future?
Nature: Scientists fear major volcanic eruption in the Philippines
Aljazeera: 'Those charges are bulls**t': De Lima defiant
Bloomberg: Duterte’s Team Widens Scrutiny of ‘Onerous’ Philippine Deals
NPR: After Volcano Quiets, Philippine Officials At Odds Over Residents' Return
Yahoo: Vice Mayor blasts scientists, wants Duterte to change opinion about Taal
Yahoo: Philippine volcano recharging, scientist says
SCMP: Scepticism rises about Chinese projects and Duterte’s support of them
WP: Taal volcano’s crater lake is nearly empty
Yahoo: Philippines reimposes ban on workers deploying to Kuwait
SCMP: Vocanic ash devstates farms in the Philippines
NPR: We've Lost Everything: In Philippines, Fleeing Volcano Means Losing Livelihoods
NY Post: New York’s No. 2 tax cheat is former aide to ex-first lady of Philippines
NPR: Authorities Warn of New Taal Eruption
National Geographic: Taal Eruption: Worst Case Scenario
Stripes: Japan, Philippines to cooperate on development plan for Subic Bay
USA Today: Taal volcano gushes lava, spews ash more than 60 miles into Manila
WCVB: Couple got married while Taal erupted in the background
The Diplomat: Philippines’ ‘Smart City’ Threatens Tribal Displacement
The Economist: A rare outbreak of polio reflects the Philippines’ poor health care
SCMP: Vegan in the Philippines: how plant-based diet is spreading ...
Forbes: Who Is The Chief Mermaid? How Is She Saving Philippines Sharks?
Bloomberg: Japan Offers Blueprint for Ex-U.S. Naval Base in Philippines
Jane's: Philippines prepares to deploy 84 m OPV for possible evacuations
SCMP: Chinese crime wave hits Philippines as Pogos grow unchecked
Yahoo: Take it or leave it: Duterte offers new water contract terms
Bloomberg: Philippines Orders Citizens to Leave Iraq Amid Tensions
Aljazeera: Philippine vice president brands Duterte's drug war a failure
CNN: The Philippines is particularly vulnerable to a Middle Eastern war. Here's why
Bloomberg: Duterte’s Water Rants Threaten Philippine Pitch to Investors
AP: Asian countries brace to evacuate workers in Iraq, Iran
SCMP: Twilight of Duterte reign might also mean last days of Phil entanglement with US
The Diplomat: What’s Next for the Philippines Multirole Fighter Program?
New Scientist: GM golden rice gets landmark safety approval in the Philippines
CBS: Two U.S. senators banned from visiting Philippines
NPR: Death Toll Rises In Wake of Philippines Typhoon: At Least 28 Dead
Discover Mag: New Species of Ancient Human Found in Philippines
Reuters: Eleven dead, 300 treated after drinking coconut wine in Philippines
Nikkei: China group's $10bn Philippines airport bid sows alarm
The Diplomat: Will there be a Christmas ceasefire in the Philippines?
CNN: Planners of Maguindanao massacre found guilty of murder
Yahoo: China's CCCC, Philippines' Macroasia win $10 billion airport project
The Nation: America’s First ‘Endless War’ Was Fought in the Philippines
Nikkei: Singapore rises in gender equality ranking as Philippines slips
SCMP: Philippines court throws out US$3.9 billion Marcos family forfeiture case
Nikkei: Philippine parts industry gets jump start from Japan automakers
CNN: 6-year-old girl among 3 killed as 6.8-magnitude earthquake rocks Philippines
Bloomberg: Philippines Gives Up 8% GDP Growth Goal by End of Duterte Term 12-year-old Philippines athlete dominates in custom-made tape Nikes
Nikkei: Roughed-up by Duterte, two companies shed $1bn in value
Aljazeera: Philippine authorities 'getting away with murder' in drug war
SCMP: Repeal of water contracts in Philippines could complicate Chinese loan
Yahoo: Bono: 'No compromise' on human rights
SCMP: U2’s Bono urges Rodrigo Duterte to respect human rights
Asia Times: Duterte replacing old elite with new in Philippines
Al Jazeera: SEA Games: Medals and controversy for the Philippines
AI: Landmark decision by Human Rights Commission paves way for climate litigation
The Guardian: Pedophiles pay as little as $15 for abuse of children in the Philippines
AP: Duterte to end martial law in Philippine south after 2 years
The Diplomat: Philippines Submarine Quest: What’s in the French Option?
Nikkei: US investor bids to keep China out of Philippine shipyard
Nikkei: Crony capital: How Duterte embraced the oligarchs
HRW: Duterte Threatens to Shut Down TV Network
Yahoo News: Duterte orders prosecution of utilities over 'onerous' contracts
NYP: Philippines man allegedly beheaded woman, ate brains as topping on rice
FT: Philippine leader threatens companies in dispute over water
Bloomberg: This Philippine City Is the Most Typical Place in the World
AP: Powerful typhoon leaves at least 4 dead in Philippines
CNN: Duterte: I was 'fighting against my own government' in drug war
NYT: The Lonely and Dangerous Life of the Filipino Seafarer
Wider Image: Rising seas threaten early end for sinking village in the Philippines
The Guardian: SE Games in chaos as players go hungry and athletes sleep on floor
Bangkok Post: Philippines seizes huge drugs stash, arrests Chinese
Aljazeera: 'Are you afraid?': Philippines' Robredo defiant over drugs war
SCMP: SEA Games 2019: Singapore Muslim athletes served pork
BBC: Kidnapped UK man and wife rescued after Philippines gun battle
SCMP: Duterte fires Robredo from anti-drugs tsar post after just 3 weeks
Yahoo News: How The Philippines Will Help America Patrol The South China Sea
SCMP: Duterte defends expense on the SE Games 50-metre high flame cauldron
The Guardian: A heartbreaking look at Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs
SCMP: China can turn off the Philippine national power grid, officials say
Eco-Business: How the Philippines can lead in floating solar technology
SCMP: US to boost alliance with Philippines as South China Sea tensions grow
LA Times: Troll armies may soon be coming to an election near you
SCMP: Duterte’s stark warning to his VP about drug war ‘state secrets’
Forbes: Vietnam Shows The Philippines How To Fight The South China Sea Wars
WP: In Philippine red-light district, an uphill struggle to battle trafficking and abuses
Nikkei: Duterte shelves Chinese projects but still pushes 'Build, Build, Build'
HRW: Philippine Vice President Could Score a ‘Drug War’ Win
BBC: Duterte's health: 'Work from home' raises questions in Philippines
Nikkei: Philippine outsourcing industry cuts revenue target by up to $10bn
BBC: Philippines: The boy diving for plastic
NYT: Philippine Guerrillas Kill at Least 6 Soldiers in Bombing
BBC: Philippines drug war: Do we know how many have died?
Express: Beijing defied by Philippines in power move as tensions rise
The Financial Times (video): Two Sides to the Philippine Economy

The Jesse Phinney Case
Reuters: Pathologist challenges view that U.S. cameraman committed suicide
GoFundMe: Justice for Jesse
Inquirer: US family seeks justice in kin’s ‘suspicious’ death in PH
Inquirer: Family thinks American filmmaker an EJK victim in Cebu
Fox News Channel: Family Raising Questions About Death of Man in Philippines
WCVB: Family questions death of Boston native in Philippines

Solutions Zone
Child Poverty in the Philippines
The Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap
Reducing Extreme Poverty in the Philippines
Organic Crops Help Small Farmers Out of Poverty
Considerations on the Poverty Challenge

Only in the Philippines
Filipino Business Names

Filipinos in the News
Youtube: Nine-Year-Old Filipina-American Gets Golden Buzzer in AGT Superal Outlasts Navarro for Girls' Junior Title
Daily News: Philippines-Born Math Teacher in Queens Inspires Students
The Guardian:  Peter Bradshaw Recommends Lav Diaz's Epic Film Norte

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