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SCMP infographic on remittances from overseas Filipinos:

The Jesse Phinney Case
Inquirer: US family seeks justice in kin’s ‘suspicious’ death in PH
Inquirer: Family thinks American filmmaker an EJK victim in Cebu
Fox News Channel: Family Raising Questions About Death of Man in Philippines
WCVB: Family questions death of Boston native in Philippines

Featured Articles/News Clips
The Real News: Duterte's Bloody War on His Own People
National Post:
Philippine police kill 13 drug suspects and arrest more than a 100
In Trump's America, Immigration Is Bad, But Trafficking Filipinos Is Okay?
Aljazeera: Philippines on China military build-up: No war option
Bloomberg: Duterte’s $180 Billion Building Boom May Be Expats' Ticket Home
Mining Journal: Philippines adopts Canadian approach to mining
Reuters: Philippines relieves 11 police officers in mistaken identity shooting
Reuters: Drug enforcement agents face heat now that they are running Duterte's war
DW: 2018 will be 'dangerous' for the Philippines
Reuters: U.N. says rights abuses in southern Philippines could intensify under ML
VOA: Crime Eases in the Philippines
Reuters: Duterte's son quits as vice mayor of hometown Davao
CNBC: Duterte's most controversial comments of 2017
Time: Thousands Spend Christmas in Emergency Shelters
WP: Duterte’s drug war has a new defender—whose former colleagues are aghast
Nikkei AR: Duterte's approval rating rebounds sharply
Time: At Least 75 Dead in Philippines After Tropical Storm Unleashes Flash Floods
Reuters: Philippines' Maoists declare traditional Christmas truce
Bloomberg: Philippine Peso Predicted to Be Asia’s Worst-Performing Currency in 2018
The Guardian: Hundreds of Philippines ferry disaster survivors pulled from the sea
Aljazeera: Indigenous people seek peace after attacks
SCMP: One Man's Fake News Is Another's Free Speech Philippines the most dangerous place for journalists in Asia
Reuters: Philippines withdraws bid for U.S. grant
Global Voices: The Hypocrisy of the PNP Human Rights Mobile App
Task and Purpose: ISIS Is Gearing Up For A Comeback In The Philippines
Washington Post: How far will Duterte go to stop terrorism?
The Telegraph: Faking your own death
NPR: Martial Law Extended For Another Year In Southern Philippines
Gulf News: Philippines passes major tax reform law
TelesurTV: Anti-Communist PSYOP in the Philippines
The Guardian: Building a feminist city in the Philippines
Forbes: China's Once Impossible Friendship With The Philippines Hits Another New High
WBIR: These women scour a dump site for trash to turn into 'something beautiful'
Aljazeera: Duterte seeks south Philippines ML extension
Reuters: China Telecom earmarked as Philippines' 3rd telecoms player
LA Times: A mostly Christian city lays out the welcome mat for displaced Muslims
SCMP: China unhappy as Philippines signs investment deal with Taiwan
HRW: Smokescreen Justice for ‘Drug War’ Deaths in the Philippines
The Guardian: Environmental crusaders risk their lives to save Philippine paradise
Bloomberg: What Happens When the Government Uses Facebook as a Weapon?
The Guardian: Duterte orders police back into deadly drug war
Forbes: Can Asia's Newest Resort Destination Develop In A Sustainable Way?
Aljazeera: The Philippines' Strongman Syndrome
AI: ICC must examine ‘war on drugs’ crimes as child killings go unpunished
Aljazeera: The Philippines: when the police kill children
The Independent: Philippines halts program for 'dangerous' dengue fever vaccine
VOA: Local Ethnic Customs Complicate Recovery for War-Torn Marawi
Reuters: Skin in the game: Philippine students protest Duterte in naked run
teleSUR: More Bloodshed Duterte Pursues War on Communists, Progressives
SBS: Thousands stage rallies for and against Duterte's 'revolutionary government'
NYT: Philippines Killed Communist Rebels Near Manila
BBC: Apple removes Duterte execution games
Xinhua: Philippines plans to completely rebuild Marawi by 2022
WFP: Philippines Country Brief, October 2017
VOA: Cut in Dialogue Seen Briefly Empowering Rebels
Arab News: Duterte tells Muslims he will correct ‘historical injustice’
Washington Post: Philippines to extradite priest accused of molesting US boys
The Diplomat: Preparing for Disaster in the Philippines
Reuters: UN rebukes Duterte for threats
FT: Philippines steps up China pivot with new telecoms plan
Reuters: Duterte threatens to close mines that support rebels
Crux: Rights group says militants, troops violated law in Marawi
Marianas Variety: Shelling, air strikes as Philippine troops hunt militants
National Geographic: How the Philippines’ Coral Heart Keeps Beating
The Diplomat: Beware Duterte’s Troll Army in the Philippines
Forbes: How The Violent Southern Philippines Is Ignoring Martial Law
AI: ‘Battle of Marawi’ leaves trail of death and destruction
Forbes: Canada Almost Gets Away With Raising Sensitive Issue Of Drugs
The Hindu: Philippines moves ahead with family planning law
SCMP: Do they speak English in the Philippines?
NYT: President Rodrigo Duterte's Blunt Talk
FactCheck: Trump’s Bizarre Plane Story
Reuters: U.S., Philippines ties back on track as Trump, Duterte bond
The Guardian: Duterte: the president warlord of the Philippines
Reuters: Duterte says only answers to his people on drugs war, human rights
USA Today: Trump touts relationship with Duterte, has brief discussion on HR
Times of Israel: Philippine protesters burn Trump swastika effigy, scuffle with police
The Star: Trudeau should use sanctions law against Duterte
Time: Trump Praises Philippines' Duterte
Reuters: Islamist militants kill six soldiers in southern Philippines
FT: Philippines export, import growth slows in September
CNBC: Duterte offers to host 'world summit' on human rights
The Guardian: Duterte says he once stabbed someone to death
Arab News: Duterte laments Southeast Asia brain drain due to globalization
Reuters: Rise of the machines: Philippine outsourcing industry braces for AI
Aljazeera: Criminal case filed against Aquino over Mamasapano raid
Bloomberg: Philippines Dismantles Spratly Islands Huts After China Protest
NBC News: Inside Ruins of City Ravaged by ISIS in Philippines
Aljazeera: Civilian deaths rise as Philippines war on drugs continues
Reuters: Philippines starts construction near China's manmade islands
Reuters: Catholic bishops start new Philippines prayer campaign
Reuters: Philippines hunts for possible new Islamic State 'emir'
Vatican Radio: Catholic youth to be "agents of change" in troubled Philippines
VOA: Japan Deepens Support for Philippines in Rivalry With China
Reuters: Philippines spotlights anti-graft measures in bid to woo U.S. aid
Time: Duterte Says 'Somebody Has Got to Talk' to Kim Jong Un
The Guardian: HR groups condemn Trump's 'warm rapport' with Duterte
LA Times: Trump boasts of superior relationship with Philippines
The Financial Times (video): Two Sides to the Philippine Economy

Solutions Zone
Child Poverty in the Philippines
The Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap
Reducing Extreme Poverty in the Philippines
Organic Crops Help Small Farmers Out of Poverty
Considerations on the Poverty Challenge

Only in the Philippines
Filipino Business Names

Filipinos in the News
Youtube: Nine-Year-Old Filipina-American Gets Golden Buzzer in AGT
Youtube: Mikey Bustos Parodies Despacito
Yahoo: Pinoy Teacher Is 2014 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Superal Outlasts Navarro for Girls' Junior Title
Daily News: Philippines-Born Math Teacher in Queens Inspires Students
The Guardian:  Peter Bradshaw Recommends Lav Diaz's Epic Film Norte
Youtube:  Filipino Talents Shine in Australia: Trinity Young, Jhoanna Aguila, Mary Ann
Ven Der Horst, Marlisa Punzalan, Justin Vasquez, Jal Joshua, Erin Miranda, Trill

Yolanda Aid Watch
Foreign Aid Transparency Hub

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