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Aljazeera: One in five people in Philippines live in extreme poverty
Filipinos Are Beginning To See The Ugly Side Of Chinese Investments
Metta World Peace: Jeron Artest wants to play for Philippines
WA man loses $300,000 in Philippines card gambling scam
Philippines considering nuclear energy
Frontline: Blood and Power in the Philippines
Gulf News: Plan B: Never expect this to happen in the Philippines
SCMP: Philippines is determined to avoid infrastructure debt traps
reuters: Duterte says close ties with China will remain despite ICC complaint
Vatican News: ICC: initial probe will continue despite Philippine withdrawal
Fox News: Philippine official praises China's ruling Communist Party
SCMP: Philippines seizes 160kg of methamphetamine hidden in biscuit cans
Time: 88 Pounds of Plastic Were Found Inside a Dead Whale in the Philippines
USA Today: This destination is the Philippines' best-kept secret
SCMP: Philippines goes cap in hand to China as water shortage bites
Time: The Philippines Has Officially Left the International Criminal Court
HRW: Philippine Lawyer Possible Victim of ‘Drug War’ Murder
SCMP: Duterte names narco list
ABC: Influential Philippines plot ringleader not stereotypical Islamic extremist
Star: Philippine water shortage forces cuts for 6.8 million people
Yahoo: How to Retire in the Philippines
Bloomberg: Worsening Water Shortage in Philippines Triggers Probe
Economist: The president of the Philippines wants to rename his country
The Diplomat: Managing the US-Philippines Alliance: The Limits of Commitment Clarity
Nikkei: Philippines slashes growth targets as budget deadlock drags on
Bloomberg: Philippines Billionaire Offers to Build New Dam as Taps Run Dry
CNBC: How investors can play Southeast Asia’s upcoming elections
NYT: How ISIS Is Rising in the Philippines as It Dwindles in the Middle East
Gulf News: Gold in the Philippines: How much is it really worth?
Forbes: Duterte Could Turn Philippines Into The Land Of Easy Money
CNN: US Army vet gets life in prison for his role in murder
Gulf News: Number of Filipinos going abroad to be capped
Nikkei Asian Review: Mahathir warns Philippines about China loans
CNBC: Duterte has a new central bank chief — and investors are worried
VOA: Why the US Might Reject Selling Arms to the Philippines
CNN:  Philippines warns US treaty could drag it into war ...
Africa News: Ethiopia Learns from Philippines Expertise on Labor Migration
SCMP: US more likely than the Philippines to end up in ‘shooting war’ ...
Bloomberg: Peso Slumps as Philippines Makes Surprise CB Pick
NYT: Philippine Official, Fearing War With China, Seeks Review of U.S. Treaty
Fox News: Philippine measles epidemic infects 14,938 and kills 238
Reuters: Budget Secretary says he is new central bank governor
The Guardian: In the Philippines they think about gender differently ...
NYT: Brazen Crocodile Preys on a Philippine Town
USA Today: Traveler attempted to smuggle 1,500 live turtles into the Philippines
WP: Pompeo promises intervention if Philippines is attacked
CNN: Maria Ressa's court appearance postponed
Yahoo: Search Is On for the Next Philippines Central Bank Governor
CNA: Duterte backs smacking kids, vetoes ban on physical punishment
The Diplomat: What’s in the New US-Philippines Alliance 'Update' Talks?
Forbes: Philippines By Any Other Name Is Still Philippines
Fox News: Amid loss of leaders, unknown militant rises in Philippines
AI: Outspoken senator marks two years in arbitrary detention
Guardian: Four 'tinnie terrorists' jailed over plot to overthrow Philippine government
CNA: How the Catholic Church in the Philippines deals with clergy sex abuse
Bloombeg: Duterte Doubles Paid Leave for New Mothers in the Philippines
Reuters: Duterte warns of harsher drugs war ahead
Bloomberg: The Philippines Permanently Bans a Dengue Vaccine ...
VOA: Chinese Militia Aside, Philippines to Keep Building on Disputed Islet
Aljazeera: Philippines tribal leaders oppose Kaliwa dam project
NPR: Journalist's Arrest In Philippines Sparks Demonstrations
CNN: Maria Ressa calls her detention a 'travesty of justice'
CBC: Measles outbreak leads to 136 deaths in the Philippines
Jurist: Rights groups condemn arrest of Philippines journalist Maria Ressa
NPR: Journalist And Duterte Critic Maria Ressa Posts Bail After Arrest
SCMP: Taho-Gate Has Stained Duterte's Philippines-China Love Affair
CNA: Key rebel stronghold left out of Philippines' Muslim territory
WP: Top Philippine journalist and Time person of the year arrested
WP: Philippines was gripped by a fear of vaccines. Now there’s a measles crisis.
The Guardian: Measles outbreak in Philippines kills 70
The Financial Times (video): Two Sides to the Philippine Economy

The Jesse Phinney Case
Reuters: Pathologist challenges view that U.S. cameraman committed suicide
GoFundMe: Justice for Jesse
Inquirer: US family seeks justice in kin’s ‘suspicious’ death in PH
Inquirer: Family thinks American filmmaker an EJK victim in Cebu
Fox News Channel: Family Raising Questions About Death of Man in Philippines
WCVB: Family questions death of Boston native in Philippines

Solutions Zone
Child Poverty in the Philippines
The Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap
Reducing Extreme Poverty in the Philippines
Organic Crops Help Small Farmers Out of Poverty
Considerations on the Poverty Challenge

Only in the Philippines
Filipino Business Names

Filipinos in the News
Youtube: Nine-Year-Old Filipina-American Gets Golden Buzzer in AGT Superal Outlasts Navarro for Girls' Junior Title
Daily News: Philippines-Born Math Teacher in Queens Inspires Students
The Guardian:  Peter Bradshaw Recommends Lav Diaz's Epic Film Norte

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comfort to imagine them run by people of consummate finesse and taste. Yet the truth
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