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Philippine competitiveness drops 9 points:

The Jesse Phinney Case
Reuters: Pathologist challenges view that U.S. cameraman committed suicide
GoFundMe: Justice for Jesse
Inquirer: US family seeks justice in kin’s ‘suspicious’ death in PH
Inquirer: Family thinks American filmmaker an EJK victim in Cebu
Fox News Channel: Family Raising Questions About Death of Man in Philippines
WCVB: Family questions death of Boston native in Philippines

Featured Articles/News Clips
IMD: World Competitiveness Center releases 2018 World Competitiveness results
Philippines Slides Most in Asian Competitiveness Ranking
NPR: Divorce Is Prohibited In The Philippines, But Moves Are Underway To Legalize It
Strait Times: Call for nuclear revival in power-hungry Philippines
ING: Central bank move will hurt the peso
Aljazeera: Marawi: Philippine city still left in ruins a year after
Arab News: The Philippine Rise: An untouched treasure
Forbes: Philippines Wealthiest Family In Talks To Buy Stake In Casino Unit
Washington Post: Democracy in the Philippines has been gravely wounded
The Guardian: Fear for democracy after top Philippine judge and critic removed
Time: Duterte Didn’t Like When I Called Him a ‘Strongman’ ...
WSJ: Philippines’ Top Court Ousts Chief Justice, Critic of Duterte’s Drug War
Washington Post: Sereno urges Filipinos to speak up, fight abuses
Reuters: Philippines' government sees popularity dip on inflation worries
FT: Philippines growth remains on firm footing in Q1
UCANews: The US military are back in the Philippines
ABS News: US, Philippines launch largest military drills under Duterte
Forbes: What The Philippines Stands To Gain From Its Kuwait Fallout
Aljazeera: Philippines 'confident' Chinese missiles 'not directed at us'
Forbes: China Agrees To Accept Filipino Workers, But Will They Go?
NPR: Meet The Man Trying To Hold President Duterte Accountable
CNBC: The Philippines has a way to protect itself against a rise in US-China tensions
Aljazeera: Why Duterte banned workers from going to Kuwait
Euronews: Humans may have lived in Philippines eons ago
CPJ: Radio reporter killed in the Philippines
Channel News Asia: Former banker asked for 'young virgins'
Strait Times: Philippines boosts sea deterrent with first-ever navy missiles
Time: The Philippines Is Permanently Banning Its Workers From Going to Kuwait
Independent: Anger after Philippines removes sex slave statue
SCMP: Philippines releases list of ‘narco’ officials before local elections
Bloomberg: Top Philippine Promoter Tries to Soothe Investors Spooked by Tax
Reuters: Duterte calls North Korea's Kim 'hero of everybody'
Reuters: Tegel Group gets $309 million buyout offer from Philippines poultry firm
New Zealand Herald: Australian nun ordered to leave Philippines has no regrets
Nation: Kuwait orders Philippines ambassador to leave: KUNA
The Guardian: Philippines to expel Australian nun for 'political activities'
Independent: Boracay Closes for Six Months
EastAsiaForum: Contrasting constitutional reform in the Philippines and South Korea
USNWR: Philippines 'Apologizes' to Kuwait After Rescuing Domestic Workers
SCMP: New Philippine police chief vows to continue drug war
Reuters: Teary-eyed, hundreds search through rubble in devastated Philippines city
Strait Times: Philippine-US war games expanded to include Japan, Australia
Reuters: Duterte says he ordered investigation of Australian nun
SCMP: Philippines may lodge protest with China
Strait Times: Confusion, blame game fuels Philippines vaccine scandal
The Guardian: Philippines sends in riot police to lock down Boracay
Forbes: China Won't Solve Philippines' Growing Corruption Problem
Reuters: Reuters wins Pulitzers for Philippines reporting
Vatican News: Australian missionary of Sisters of Sion arrested in Philippines
Politico: EU political party official expelled from the Philippines
Reuters: Philippines complains Facebook fact-checkers are biased
The Guardian: Duterte threatens to arrest ICC prosecutor
Reuters: Duterte apologizes to Suu Kyi for 'genocide' remark
SCMP: China_Philippines Oil and Gas Exploration Deal Near
CNBC: The Philippines is aiming to build a city of the future
Bloomberg: Philippines Most at Risk in Asean From China-U.S. Trade War
Reuters: Duterte lets justice minister resign
NYT: Idyllic Philippine Resort Island of Boracay Is Closed to Tourists
FT: Economists react to Philippines March inflation
SCMP: Cambridge Analytica’s parent company helped Duterte win
WP: How a maid found dead in a freezer set off a diplomatic clash
Japan Times: Duterte calls U.N. rights chief ’empty-headed’
WP: Devotees nailed to crosses on Good Friday in Philippines
Frieze: Around Town: Manila, Philippines
The Economist: The president of the Philippines wants to close paradise
The Hill: The Philippines: Islamic State's Next Stronghold?
FT: Philippines set to develop 14 petroleum blocks
USNWR: Philippine Withdrawal Won't Affect Preliminary Probe
SCMP: Why Marcos the Dictator Still Inspires Pride in the Philippines
The Real News: Duterte's Bloody War on His Own People
National Post: Philippine police kill 13 drug suspects and arrest more than a 100
SCMP: In Trump's America, Immigration Is Bad, But Trafficking Filipinos Is Okay?
Aljazeera: Philippines on China military build-up: No war option
Bloomberg: Duterte’s $180 Billion Building Boom May Be Expats' Ticket Home
Mining Journal: Philippines adopts Canadian approach to mining
Reuters: Philippines relieves 11 police officers in mistaken identity shooting
Reuters: Drug enforcement agents face heat now that they are running Duterte's war
DW: 2018 will be 'dangerous' for the Philippines
Reuters: U.N. says rights abuses in southern Philippines could intensify under ML
VOA: Crime Eases in the Philippines
Reuters: Duterte's son quits as vice mayor of hometown Davao
CNBC: Duterte's most controversial comments of 2017
Time: Thousands Spend Christmas in Emergency Shelters
WP: Duterte’s drug war has a new defender—whose former colleagues are aghast
The Financial Times (video): Two Sides to the Philippine Economy

Solutions Zone
Child Poverty in the Philippines
The Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap
Reducing Extreme Poverty in the Philippines
Organic Crops Help Small Farmers Out of Poverty
Considerations on the Poverty Challenge

Only in the Philippines
Filipino Business Names

Filipinos in the News
Youtube: Nine-Year-Old Filipina-American Gets Golden Buzzer in AGT
Youtube: Mikey Bustos Parodies Despacito
Yahoo: Pinoy Teacher Is 2014 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Superal Outlasts Navarro for Girls' Junior Title
Daily News: Philippines-Born Math Teacher in Queens Inspires Students
The Guardian:  Peter Bradshaw Recommends Lav Diaz's Epic Film Norte
Youtube:  Filipino Talents Shine in Australia: Trinity Young, Jhoanna Aguila, Mary Ann
Ven Der Horst, Marlisa Punzalan, Justin Vasquez, Jal Joshua, Erin Miranda, Trill

Yolanda Aid Watch
Foreign Aid Transparency Hub

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comfort to imagine them run by people of consummate finesse and taste. Yet the truth
is that a newspaper needs aggression, iconoclasm and, above all, a powerful mean
streak to be effective in calling government to account."
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